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Meteor5 Capital

Hot! Hot! Hot!

The large-cap market for GP-stakes is overheated, according to a recent article by the… Read More

Your First Step

Houlihan Lokey’s recent report entitled “En Primeur:  A Guide to First-Time Fundraising” provides many… Read More

Why It Pays To Invest In Emerging Managers

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Caution sign

GP Stakes Investing: Beware of Valuations

There’s an old adage in the private equity market: “Nobody ever got fired for… Read More


First-time Funds are Not the Riskiest

Win-Win? Surveys suggest that only about half of all private equity investors will consider… Read More

Ever Larger

Goldman’s Petershill raises $2.5 Billion for GP stakes

Ever Larger The recent report in Unquote about Goldman’s Petershill III fund is further… Read More