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Hot! Hot! Hot!

The large-cap market for GP-stakes is overheated, according to a recent article by the… Read More

Your First Step

Houlihan Lokey’s recent report entitled “En Primeur:  A Guide to First-Time Fundraising” provides many… Read More

Why It Pays To Invest In Emerging Managers

The Palico Key Trends Report published last week focuses on the growth in demand… Read More

Inside Meteor5’s ‘equity-like’ strategy to back new GPs

A recent article in Private Equity International highlighted Meteor5 as an ‘innovative vehicle to… Read More

A Better Bet

What if, on average, you could double the amount of revenues from the start-up… Read More


Despite evidence that first-time funds generally outperform and may even offer lower volatility than… Read More


Coller Capital’s Summer 2018 Global Private Equity Barometer reports that one in six private… Read More

Clearing the Bar

Palico calculated in December 2017 that there were 770 debut funds seeking capital, a… Read More

GP Stakes Investing: Beware of Valuations

Caution sign

There’s an old adage in the private equity market: “Nobody ever got fired for… Read More

First-time Funds are Not the Riskiest


Win-Win? Surveys suggest that only about half of all private equity investors will consider… Read More